Why does one not want to bleed green?

-Sean Hicks

What was the Desean Jackson release really about ? I think lot of it was about money . They didn’t wanna pay him 10.5 million this up coming season and I also believe he was obviously not a leader in the locker room . Chip Kelly believes that he can replace Jackson in the offense right away or he wouldn’t have made this decision this year . Did Jackson have some relations with some not so straight arrows ? Yes he obviously did but is that enough to constitute a straight release from the team absolutely no . Desean is gonna play for someone this year and the real loser in all of this is the eagles fans . We are losing quiet possibly the biggest deep threat receiver in the last decade because the eagles signed him to a deal that they never intended him to finish . The front office knew , when they front ended his contract with only the first two years being guaranteed that he would not be playing for the team in that third year . Desean also knew that after the second season guaranteed money that the rest of the contract only consisted of a base salary, so basically desean was playing for another contract this past season and his production on the field displayed that . The eagles front office knew desean would not be willing to play out the rest of his contract , without anymore guaranteed money . I think 90% of his release was because of this and they justified his release to the eagles fan base by leaking information that he was associated with hang members . When they gave Jackson the new contract back in 2011 ,they already knew of his lifestyle and his relationship with some of these people ! So why the sudden shock ? My belief is that the eagles knew all about Desean’s dirty laundry and decided because of his contract and lack of work ethic this was the best time to move him . The fact that they weren’t able to trade him is the only surprising part of this whole ordeal . Yes , 10 million is a lot to pay for a wide receiver , especially one with Desean’s supposedly off field troubles but All- pro wide receivers are hard to find . Jackson would upgrade a lot of teams offenses into legitimate Super Bowl contenders . Chip Kelly will now have to look to the draft to hopefully find the next eagles all pro wide receiver .