Why the Sixers do not need to make a Trade

Mattan Manstein

Recently, the Sixers have been a part of a few trade rumors, the most prominent one being the possible Kevin Love and Andrew Wiggins trade. The Sixers have been reportedly trying to enter the trade as a possible third team. There are no obvious reasons why the Sixers front office is seeking a trade at this time. However, there are a few reasons why the Sixers do not have to take part in a trade at this time; they need to let their current players develop, and they are in rebuilding mode.

They need to let their current players develop and not make a trade, because the Sixers have a very deep young team that has an unbelievable amount of potential. This was shown earlier this summer, when the Sixers were champions of the Orlando Summer League. Additionally, once our players have been developed, we will have the options of either keeping them on the team, or trade them away for more value than what we would have if they were to be traded today. As a result of the Sixers tanking, they should not be part of a trade, because being a part of a trade will help them in the short term but not in the long term, which is the exact opposite of what tanking is trying to achieve. Through tanking, the Sixers are trying to be bad now, but be a quality team in the future. Overall, the Sixers must let their current team get better and not be part of a trade.


The Judge the Jury the Joke

Anthony Cinque

We all know that offensive lineman Lane Johnson is suspended for 4 games due to using performance enhancing drugs. As much as this may suck I truly admire Rodger Goodell’s desire to enforce a penalty in hope to make the NFL a program for fans to look up to and to set a mark for what is tolerable. Back in February, Ravens Running Back Ray Rice was charged with aggravated assault after knocking his wife unconscious in a fight that they had in an Atlantic City casino. He avoided a prison sentence but when it came to the NFL he , along with the Ravens organization and there fans knew the real question is what Goodell has in store for him acting as the the Judge and the jury of the NFL. The decision was made and Ray Rice will be suspended for 2 games. What is the message that Goodell is trying to pass on to fans around the nation? That knocking a women unconscious is more acceptable then taking performance enhancing drugs? Fans around the league have the up most respect for Goodell, however; we really need to question his decision here.