Eagles vs 49ers 2014 Review

Ant Pineiro

Did I wakeup in the fucking Twilight Zone yesterday? The defense was playing balls out and the offense was shitting its pants. I was completely blown away. Riley Cooper has been trash this year, hopefully hes’ replaced by Jordan Matthews in the starting lineup. Also why did Josh Huff practice all week then was shut down on game day?? I want to see him in the slot and on kickoff returns. Jeremy Maclin is absolutely balling out, hes’ becoming a flat out stud. I really hope he resigns here for a hometown discount.


Also Darren Sproles is still an amazing piece to this team, especially since Shady has done virtually nothing lately. That punt return was ridiculous.


Once again you go Darren Sproles.


Malcolm Jenkins once again was a fucking stud. That touchdown return was absurd, and people thought he was an awful signing.


Sucks we lost to people that actually dress like this.


Worst part is that this weekend the Cowboys won and are now tied for first in the division with us. Oh well, I love getting Jerry Jones’s hopes up for another December meltdown. What a weirdo that guy is.




Slick Nick and the Eagles prevail in a renewed rivalry

Jonathan Benton

On Sunday September 21, the Eagles renewed their rivalry with the Washington Redskins in true NFC East fashion. But not only did we win the game, I believe we witnessed a true changing in the guard. For those of us (myself included) who didn’t believe that Nick Foles was our franchise quarterback, he’s convinced everyone. Nick played perhaps his finest game as an Eagle and cemented himself in Philadelphia sports lore forever. We watched Foles take hit after hit, after hit, after hit, and somehow he kept getting up. When most quarterbacks might have thrown in the towel, Nick didn’t flinch. His performance reminded me of a quote from the last Rocky movie “it aint about how hard you hit, but it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward.” I was also reminded of Donovan McNabb against the Arizona Cardinals in 2002 where he broke his ankle and still threw for 4 touchdowns. For him to take the cheap shot that he did; get back up, get in the huddle, and will his team to victory, shows a grit and a toughness that is only exhibited by a few. I don’t know about you, but he has definitely earned my respect. Speaking of respect, I know everyone took notice of our tackle Jason Peters, who by instinct, went to his quarterback’s defense after that malicious hit by the Washington nose tackle. Jason shouldn’t apologize for his actions This is the rare occasion that we recognize and offensive lineman for truly doing his duty. Trading for him might have truly been one of the greatest things our former coach, Andy Reid, did during his tenure. While we’re on the subject of tenures, I truly hope that Cary Williams is on his way out. For him to come out to the media, after a win no less, and publicly blast the coach for his practicing methods being the reason for his legs “not being under him” is beyond asinine. No one else seemed to not have their legs under them. Including; Malcolm Jenkins who made a late interception, Brandon Boykin who made a great play on a pass late, and a list of others. The bottom line is this, Cary got burned by “that guy” and Pierre Garcon. Not only that but he got burned in the Jacksonville game too. If he wants to be a cry baby, let him go. I personally want to see Nolan Carroll anyway. We absolutely need to have more of a pass rush moving forward. A few hits on Cousins might have enabled some more short fields for us, which might have led to more points, but that’s a different story. All in all, this was a true team win. This is truly the most unified team in recent memory. This team symbolizes what Philadelphia is all about, hard work. See you Sunday in San Francisco or Santa Clara to be exact. Fly Eagles Fly!


Second HOLY SHIT game in a row – Eagles vs Redskins 2014

Ant Pineiro

If that wasnt one of the best games youve ever watched you’re a fucking idiot. That was one of the most ridiculous things Ive ever seen, two teams that just hate the fuck out of each other going balls out every play. God I loved it. Those Redskin tears havent tasted this good in a long time.


If you had any doubt that Nick Foles wasn’t a franchise quarterback it was completely erased yesterday. He had NO running game because Shady was fucking concussed and probably didn’t even know what planet he was on and Sproles had a fumble and I assume was benched for it. He still dissected the Skins shitty defense for 28-42 325 yards, 3 touchdowns, and a QB rating of 113.7. Dude was a fucking soldier, taking constant assbeatings allll day. Especially this monster pussy ass hit from that fat fuck Chris Baker.


Jason Peters running to hit that piece of shit was fucking beautiful. You gotta love that Nick’s lineman was ready to protect him at the drop of a hat. Im not even upset that Peters was kicked out of the game because he showed heart and fucking balls for his team. Im watching a replay of the game right now and I fucking LOVE the fight. I see Cooper, Jenkins, and Cole running over there to get there hands dirty on the Redskins sideline. Good fucking shit Eagles. Also Peters, you da fuckin man.

Jason Peters, Chris Baker

Malcolm Jenkins has been a monster pickup for the Birds.  having a legitimate safety back there to lead the secondary is huge, because obviously Nate Allen is a fucking bum. Not a lot of players could have made the game changing interception he did.


Jordan Matthews you are a fucking stud. TWO touchdowns for the rookie was just huge. Finally hes putting it together and becoming a decent role player for this offense. If you thought Desean could have caught that first touchdown you’re an idiot. He would have alligator armed the ball then probably complained for a flag. Fuck that loser.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles

Then after all this crazy shit you know what happens? This ugly fuck Cary Williams goes and runs his mouth to the media crying “my legs hurt, we run too much coach!”. If thats the case, you grow some fucking balls and talk to your coach in his office privately. Bitching to the media only makes you look stupid. I think hes just trying to not look as bad on the play where Desean burned him for 80+ yards for a touchdown (even though it was clearly that fuckhead Nate Allens fault). For a fairly average player you have a pretty big fucking mouth Cary.


I love NFC East matchups because I hate every other team so fucking much. I dont even give a shit that Desean scored a touchdown because, hey we won you little bitch. We got the last laugh you fucking pussy. 1st place in the NFC East feels pretty damn satisfying.

Oh and Emmanuel Acho (starting linebacker since Mychal Kendricks got hurt) did some real solid trolling last night, making Desean look EVEN stupider.


ZING! Fuck you Desean

Philadelphia Eagles Defeat Washington Redskins 37-34 In First NFC East Game


Addison Hunsicker

DeSean Jackson’s return to Philadelphia was spoiled by his former team, as the Philadelphia Eagles held their ground late to defeat the Washington Redskins 37-34, winning their first NFC East game. Rookie receiver Jordan Matthews found the endzone twice along with veteran wide-out Jeremy Maclin, who added a touchdown of his own in the Eagles victory. Establishing the running game was an issue the Eagles could resolve at any point against the Redskins’ defense, as All-Pro running back LeSean McCoy only rushed for 22 yards despite having 19 carries, and Darren Sproles rushed for 20 yards on two carries, but fumbled in the first quarter in what would be Philadelphia’s only turnover in the game.

The Redskins started the scoring fest off with an 82-yard touchdown drive on the first possession of the game, giving the Redskins a 7-0 lead on a Kirk Cousins pass to Darrel Young. On the ensuing kickoff, Chris Polk tied the contest up at seven all as he returned Tress Way’s kick to the house for a 102-yard touchdown. Washington would have their way with the Eagles’ defense midway into the second quarter, scoring twice on a Pierre Garcon touchdown pass and a Kai Forbath field goal. Philadelphia retained possession with 8:49 remaining left in the half, and the drive concluded with Nick Foles connecting with Jordan Matthews on a 11-yard touchdown pass, cutting the Eagles’ deficit to three. Kirk Cousins manufacturing another scoring drive for the Redskins, marching Washington down the field and tacking on three points with another Kai Forbath field goal, extending their lead to six. However, the Nick Foles and Jordan Matthews duo found the endzone for the second time in the first half, and the Eagles took a 21-20 lead into the locker room.

Two Cody Parkey field goals on their first two offensive possessions gave Philadelphia a seven point lead, a lead that would quickly evaporate as Kirk Cousins found DeSean Jackson for an 81-yard touchdown on the Redskins’ first offensive play after the second Parkey field goal, tying the game up at 27 all. The fourth quarter featured the highlight of the game, which ended in Washington’s defensive end Chris Baker, and Philadelphia’s left tackle Jason Peters being ejected. On what appeared to be a Nick Foles’ interception, Baker clocked Foles on the return, leading to a brawl on the Washington sideline. After Bashaud Breeland, who was the one who appeared to pickoff Foles, was brought to the ground, Peters took a swing at Baker for his hit on Foles, leading to a team-wide brawl that concluded in Baker and Peters being ejected from the game, and the Foles interception being overturned after replay clearly showed the ball hitting the ground.

Following the chaos, Foles thredded the needle on a touchdown to Jeremy Maclin, and the Eagles retook the lead, 34-27. Cody Parkey would nail his third field goal on the day, this time connecting from 51 yards, putting the Eagles in soild shape up 10 with 5:55 remaining in the game. Washington would retaliate on their next drive, as Roy Helu ran the rock in to cut the Eagles’ lead to three. Following an Eagles punt, the Redskins turned the ball over on downs, and that was all she wrote. Foles threw a 19-yard pass to James Casey, and took two kneels to seal the 37-34 victory for Philadelphia.

Game Notes

  • The Eagles have started 3-0 for the first time since 2004, which was the year they went to the Super Bowl
  • The Eagles are the first team in NFL history to allow 17 first-half points in each of their first three games and go on to win all three of those games
  • Nick Foles is the 6th quarterback in NFL history to throw for 320 or more yards in each of the first three games of the season
  • Eagles are 7th team in NFL history to trail after the first quarter of their first three games and win all three – Last was 1999 Patriots
  • Eagles WRs had 17 catches in the first two games; had 21 today

(All stats courtesy of Reuben Frank, CSN Philly)

Philadelphia travels to San Francisco to take on the 49ers in week four of the 2014 NFL season.

Image Source: Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Eagles vs Redskins 2014 Preview

Ant Pineiro

I hate the Washington Redskins, like really fucking hate them. Its weird saying it because they’re such a pathetic franchise and haven’t been a legitimate threat to the Eagles since hmmm the early 90’s? They just rub me the wrong way even though they’ve given me nothing but joy from seeing them fail over and over again, I still hate their fucking guts.

Kirk Cousins will be starting. Not worried about him at all, say what you will about him spanking the Jags but it really shouldn’t scare anyone. Although a lot of people (including myself and his own head coach) prefer him to Robert Griffin III. Obviously Bobby is more talented, but the dude is legitimately made out of paper mache. He gets hurt even when an opposing player doesn’t even touch him.


Sucks to suck Skins. Maybe next time you won’t trade multiple high draft picks for a guy that is getting outplayed by a 4th rounder. Fuck both of them.



Now onto everyones favorite gang banger Desean “Jaccson” (cant put C and K next to each other, it mean Crip killer!!!!) I really hope he plays, hes been marked as questionable all week but I really want to hear the Philly crowd boo him every time he comes on the field. Quote of the week goes to Jay Gruden on his remarks about Jaccson

“If he isn’t 100%, if he is 60-70%, he really isn’t that good to us, he is already 160 pounds, and he is already a terrible blocker.”


LOL, nice relationship you have with your coach there D Jax. Watch your back though Jay, he might have one of his Crip buddies have you clipped with a drive by


Im gonna stop sucking the Eagles offenses dick because they are hands down the most inconsistent group in the NFL. If the game goes anything like it did the last 2 weeks Ill be sure to have a decent amount of alcohol near me at all times. As long as they actually score touchdowns instead of field goals in the red-zone, I think this game can be easily won.

The only problem I have is the Skins running game against the Birds defense without Mychal Kendricks. Alfred Morris is an absolute monster, and you saw how Casey Matthews did out there. Disgusting.


Either way NFC East match ups are usually pretty fun to watch games even if the teams are bad. As long as the Birds don’t shit their pants and lose to this scrub Washington team Ill be happy. Once again, fuck the Skins.


See you Sunday D Jax


If you could put an athlete from another Philadelphia sports team onto the eagles, who would you pick and what position would they play?


Ant Pineiro

Fantastic question, need more like these. I think Id go with Nerlens Noel from the 76ers at Wide Receiver/Endzone Threat. Dude is 7 ft tall, and obviously can jump. Hell Jimmy Graham is only 6’7 and is absolutely dominating everyone, granted Jimmy has about 40 pounds on Nerlens but thats irrelevant.

Plus I mean look at that haircut. If you don’t want this guy on your squad your just wrong.

When the Saints Come Marching In


Billy Kelso

Thank you New Orleans for giving the Eagles the missing piece. Darren Sproles has put the Philadelphia Eagles up with the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks as the best teams in the NFC. The last two games have been far from perfect for pro bowlers Nick Foles and LeSean McCoy, but it hasn’t mattered because Darren Sproles has been getting the job done for the birds. Chip Kelly leaned on Sproles as a running back in Week 1 against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Which he delivered with a huge 49-yard touchdown run on a 3rd and short. Against the Colts, Sproles had a career-high 152 receiving yards that included a 57-yard pass and catch that tied up the game in the fourth quarter. In the first half of both games this season it seemed that the loss of big play threat DeSean Jackson was noticeable, but in the second half Sproles had filled the void that Jackson had left. In just two games with the Eagles Darren Sproles has 97 rushing yards, 166 receiving yards and two rushing touchdowns. He’s only played 58 snaps all year on offense, yet he’s sixth in the NFL in yards from scrimmage. It’s hard to imagine the Eagles not being 0-2 this season without Sproles and that’s why fans believe he could help us get to the Super bowl this year, especially if Foles and McCoy can get back on track. Sproles wasn’t the only former New Orleans Saint that saved the Eagles on Monday night; Safety Malcolm Jenkins came up with the play of the game with an interception of Colts quarterback Andrew Luck late in the fourth quarter. His interception changed the game from what would’ve have been a chip shot field goal for the Colts to an Eagles game tying drive. The last two weeks for the Eagles have shown that these two former New Orleans Saints have found much needed places here in Philadelphia.

Image Source: http://www.nj.com/eagles/index.ssf/2014/

Holy SHIT Birds. Eagles vs Colts 2014

Ant Pineiro

First things first I wrote an Eagles vs Colts blog on Saturday. But I was hungover and want really satisfied with it, It wasnt funny and didnt think anyone would really like it. So if you wanna read it (I don”t know why you would) just click Home and scroll down.

Back to real shit. I swear this team is going to turn me into a raging alcoholic. The amount of dumb shit I saw them do was infuriating. I almost threw my phone at the wall when Bradley Fletcher dropped an interception that HIT HIM SQUARE IN THE HANDS, I was flabbergasted that a professional athlete couldn’t catch a ball that was pretty much lobbed to him. I cant find a gif of the play but Im glad I didn’t because watching it again would probably make me mad again. Also Jordan Matthews needs to step the fuck up. Dude balled out in college and needs to show it in the NFL, dropping easy passes is just embarrassing. But don’t get me wrong I love the dude.

But who would I be to not talk about Darren Sproles. Are you fucking kidding me Darren? That was one of the most absurd games Ive ever seen played, he was on point pretty much everytime he touched the ball. If this was NBA Street his feet would have been on the fire the whooole game. Darren, I could kiss you right now.

Darren, you da real MVP


Mychal Kendricks has been a stud this season, he was good last year but hes finally coming into his own this year. Plus we wont have to play Casey Matthews (one of the worst players in Philadelphia Eagle history)anymore because his injury isn’t serious. YOU GO MYCHAL.


Whats up with Chips play card? Does he just put random words and numbers in a hat and pick them out? Do you Chip. Cant talk shit on you after a win.


Im not gonna finish this without talking about this beautiful bastard right here. Cody Parkey.


This stud kicked Alex Henerys trash ass out of town and is a legitimate NFL kicker. Screw his first miss ( he made up for it ). He came out in the clutch, against the team that cut him twice, and kicked one right threw the uprights. Hello Cody, Goodbye ugly, skinny, Alex “I dont even lift” Henery. Not gonna miss Alex missing field goals at all. David Akers would be proud.


Nick Foles is finally not just checking the ball down (throwing to running backs out of the backfield) and firing that bitch down the field. Gotta love it, dudes becoming a gunslinger and Im not talking about when he unzips his pants (dude has an anaconda). Love seeing Nick play like that. Nick Folds is back.


Theres a new hot couple in town Philly, theyre both studs.


Plus, not to brag or anything but my prediction was pretty somewhat close. (30-27)


Yes I left the picture of Andrew Luck in there on purpose. Fucking Caveman.

One last thing. Ill just leave this here.


2014 NFC East Division Preview



Addison Hunsicker

The 2013 NFC East crown came down to a week 17 matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys. With no Tony Romo, Dallas had to find a way to win with Kyle Orton, which they did not do. Orton threw an interception to Brandon Boykin in the final minutes, and the Philadelphia Eagles captured the NFC East title, but their season would come to an end the following week with a loss to the New Orleans Saints in the first round of the playoffs. The Eagles had a breakout year in Chip Kelly’s first NFL season as a head coach in 2013, with LeSean McCoy having another stellar year along with Nick Foles emerging as the team’s starting quarterback. In Dallas, the Cowboys yet again disappointed their fans with a third straight 8-8 season, just missing out on the playoffs in the final week. Eli Manning’s New York Giants started off 2013 with six straight losses, ending the year winning seven out of their last 10 games. And down in the nation’s capital, Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins fell a part after starting 3-5, losing their last eight regular season games, finishing an abysmal 3-13. Who will win the NFC East in 2014 and find themselves in the playoffs? Let’s take a look at how the four teams in the NFC East will fare in 2014.

1. Philadelphia Eagles
2013 Record: 10-6
2014 Projected Record: 10-6

The biggest story revolving the Eagles in the off-season was the release of DeSean Jackson. Despite the loss of Jackson, the Eagles still have pieces to work with at the wide receiver position in Jeremy Maclin, Riley Cooper, rookies Jordan Matthews and Josh Huff, along with Jeff Maehl. Philadelphia also added Darren Sproles in the backfield to accompany LeSean McCoy, adding to their offensive threats. Even with all of the losses and additions, Chip Kelly will still have an explosive offense to utilize in 2014 with second year quarterback Nick Foles. In 2013, Foles had a record-breaking year, finishing with 27 touchdowns to just two interceptions, and will have a chip on his shoulder (no pun intended) in 2014 to prove that he is in fact a franchise quarterback in the National Football League. Foles will have to continue making smart decisions, taking care of the football, and having efficient games in the air with accurate passes for this upcoming season, and the Eagles will be in good shape to win the NFC East for the second straight year.

The centerpiece of the Eagles offense in LeSean McCoy will have the most to do with Philly’s success in 2014. Last year, Shady McCoy had 2,146 yards from scrimmage on 366 touches, scoring 11 touchdowns. Even with the addition of Darren Sproles, McCoy will still see a heavy workload, and must produce at a high level for this Eagles team to have success. Chip Kelly’s entire fast-paced offense revolves around McCoy being effective in the rushing and passing game. Sproles will be a nice touch in the backfield for screens, runs to the outside, and in the return game, but McCoy will still be the centerpiece. The Eagles offensive line returns intact, but right tackle Lane Johnson will miss the first four games because he violated the NFL’s performance-enhancing drug policy, receiving a suspension. Jason Peters is a stud at left tackle to protect Nick Foles’s blindside, while Evan Mathis, Jason Kelce, and Todd Herremans round out the all-pro offensive line.

Question marks regarding the Eagles chances of repeating in 2014 as NFC East champions revolve around the defense. The defense will not be great, they will be average. Malcolm Smith should help to improve an Eagles secondary that ranked last against the pass in 2013, but an improved Eagles pass rush will ease the pressure off of the unproven secondary. Last year, Philadelphia could not get to the quarterback. Bill Davis will need first-round pick Marcus Smith along with Connor Barwin, Trent Cole, Brandon Graham, and Vinny Curry to cause havoc at the line of scrimmage in order for the Eagles to have success on the defensive side of the football. Should the Eagles only give up 23.9 points per game in 2014 like they did last year, the defense will put the team in a good position to make the playoffs once again.

2. Washington Redskins
2013 Record: 3-13
2014 Projected Record: 8-8

If Robert Griffin III returns to 2012 form and puts his horrendous 2013 season behind him, the Washington Redskins will be the team that most challenges the Philadelphia Eagles for the 2014 NFC East crown. First year head coach Jay Gruden cannot afford to have his franchise quarterback go down with an injury or perform poorly, or else Washington will be in trouble. RGIII must stay in the pocket at all costs, and when he leaves the pocket to scramble with his legs on the ground, the former Heisman winner has to make smart decisions. He must avoid any contact by sliding on the ground in open space when being approached by an opposing defender, and by getting out of bounds when running up the sideline. Should RGIII play an effective 16 games for Washington this year, the Redskins will be a scary team to face because they have plently of pieces alongside RGIII.

Alfred Morris and Roy Helu provide excellent depth in the backfield with Morris being Washington’s ground-and-pound back, and Helu using his receiving abilities on third down situations. With RGIII to likely little read option calls, Morris will have to run effectively through the tackles and along the outside in order for Washington to maintain their rushing attack. The biggest acquisition for Jay Gruden was the signing of DeSean Jackson after he was released by the Philadelphia Eagles. Jackson will provide RGIII with a speedy deep-threat that opposing defense’s will have to respect. Along with Pierre Garcon and Jordan Reed, the Redskins will have an explosive passing attack if RGIII gets his act together in the pocket.

The defensive side of the football will hault Washington from achieving much success in 2014. With no more London Fletcher to solidify the middle of the field, the Redskins will struggle to make key stops to get the football back into the hands of the offense. Signing Ryan Clark at safety and drafting linebacker Trent Murphy out of Stanford will not be enough to improve the Washington defense. Safety Brandon Meriweather is suspended the first two games of the regular season and cannot seem to avoid making an illegal hit when the time comes, only adding to the lists of issues for Jay Gruden on the defensive side. The Redskins will give up a lot of yards, and if RGIII along with the entire offense is good enough to put up points on a consistent basis, Washington will be able to contend for the division title. If RGIII goes down with an injury or does not produce, and the offense cannot consistently put up points to keep pressure on the opposing team’s offense, then the Redskins will find themselves out of the division race before December comes around.

3. New York Giants
2013 Record: 7-9
2014 Projected Record: 6-10

In 2013, Eli Manning was very good at throwing the football to the opposing team, as he led the NFL in interceptions with 27. Along with Eli Manning and the passing attack being ineffective, the Giants also could not establish a running game of any sort. In the off-season, Tom Coughlin added Rashad Jennings and drafted Andre Williams out of Boston College to help with the rushing attack in 2014. Even with the additions of Jennings and Williams, New York will still have a horrific time on the ground due to Eli Manning’s struggles in the air. With a poor offensive line, Eli may not even be able to set his feet and throw the ball this year, and will be rushed by opposing defenses a majority of the time. When Manning gets time to throw, he has a hard time being accurate with his passes.

Eli does have Victor Cruz, Rueben Randle, and first-round draft pick Odell Beckham Jr., but those three will not be enough to combat Eli’s inconsistent accuracy, a non-existent running game, and an inferior offensive line. Luckily for the Giants, they have a solid defense that will keep them in games. They ranked in the top 10 in least amount of yards allowed per game in 2013, and only surrendered 23.9 points per game. The secondary is solid and the addition of Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie will help the Giants improve their pass defense, and the front seven should be servicable enough to provide an adequate rush defense. Overall, 2014 will be a season of turnovers along with an ineffective offense for New York, and the Giants’ defense is not elite enough to make up for the anemic offense.

4. Dallas Cowboys
2013 Record: 8-8
2014 Projected Record: 5-11

The Dallas Cowboys will be the laughing stock of the NFL in 2014. Jerry Jones has done nothing but fill the headlines for all of the wrong reasons in the off-season, preparing to lead his team to yet another disasterous season. Jones released DeMarcus Ware in March, but he did lock-up place kicker Dan Bailey for seven years, so at least the Cowboys will not have to worry about their kicking game for a while. With no DeMarcus Ware, Sean Lee’s torn ACL in OTAs made an even bigger impact to the already obliterated Dallas defense. Defensive end Anthony Spencer is hurt and will not be ready for the start of the regular season, and cornerback Orlando Scandrick is suspended four games for violating the NFL’s performance-enhancing drug policy. The Cowboys could possibly have the worst defense in NFL history in 2014, and if they do not, they will certainly be close.

The only reason why the Cowboys will win games is because of their offense. With Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams, and Jason Witten as weapons for Tony Romo, along with DeMarco Murray and a solid offensive line, Dallas will be able to put up points. The problem is, they will have to put up points on every single possession, because their defense will be so horrible. Jason Garrett will have to utilize DeMarco Murray more than he did last year, and the Cowboys should not have a problem putting up points in the majority of their games. But then, the fourth quarter will arrive. Every week there is something new with the Cowboys on how they will blow that specific game. Whether it is a Tony Romo interception, a drop by a receiver, a fumble by a running back, or a complete collapse by the defense, the Dallas Cowboys will find a way to lose week in and week out. Tony Romo does get too much heat for the Cowboys’ mediocre seasons, and he will have an elite season once again in 2014. Despite Romo and the offense producing, the defense will be too horrendous for the Cowboys to be anywhere near the top of the NFC East this year.

Division Awards
: Robert Griffin III – His performance will decide the fate of the Washington Redskins this season. If he does well, the Redskins will contend for the NFC East title. If he does poorly, Washington will not reach the playoffs for a second straight year.
Offensive Player of the Year: LeSean McCoy – Shady McCoy is the centerpiece of one of the most explosive offenses in football. He will get his touches, yards, and touchdowns en route to yet another spectacular season.
Defensive Player of the Year: Prince Amukamara – The Giants need their defense to be solid for them to win games, and Amukamara will make sure that is the case.
Rookie of the Year: Jordan Matthews – With the release of DeSean Jackson, the Eagles will need Matthews to step up to replace the lost production.

The NFC East will ultimately be a two team race between the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins. In the end, Philadelphia’s high-powered offense and average defense will be too much for the Redskins to catch with their questionable quarterback in Robert Griffin III and deficient defense. Nick Foles will prove himself to be a franchise quarterback in 2014, and LeSean “Shady” McCoy will make sure that the Philadelphia Eagles fly to the playoffs as NFC East division champions.

Image Source: Drew Hallowell/Getty Images