Slick Nick and the Eagles prevail in a renewed rivalry

Jonathan Benton

On Sunday September 21, the Eagles renewed their rivalry with the Washington Redskins in true NFC East fashion. But not only did we win the game, I believe we witnessed a true changing in the guard. For those of us (myself included) who didn’t believe that Nick Foles was our franchise quarterback, he’s convinced everyone. Nick played perhaps his finest game as an Eagle and cemented himself in Philadelphia sports lore forever. We watched Foles take hit after hit, after hit, after hit, and somehow he kept getting up. When most quarterbacks might have thrown in the towel, Nick didn’t flinch. His performance reminded me of a quote from the last Rocky movie “it aint about how hard you hit, but it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward.” I was also reminded of Donovan McNabb against the Arizona Cardinals in 2002 where he broke his ankle and still threw for 4 touchdowns. For him to take the cheap shot that he did; get back up, get in the huddle, and will his team to victory, shows a grit and a toughness that is only exhibited by a few. I don’t know about you, but he has definitely earned my respect. Speaking of respect, I know everyone took notice of our tackle Jason Peters, who by instinct, went to his quarterback’s defense after that malicious hit by the Washington nose tackle. Jason shouldn’t apologize for his actions This is the rare occasion that we recognize and offensive lineman for truly doing his duty. Trading for him might have truly been one of the greatest things our former coach, Andy Reid, did during his tenure. While we’re on the subject of tenures, I truly hope that Cary Williams is on his way out. For him to come out to the media, after a win no less, and publicly blast the coach for his practicing methods being the reason for his legs “not being under him” is beyond asinine. No one else seemed to not have their legs under them. Including; Malcolm Jenkins who made a late interception, Brandon Boykin who made a great play on a pass late, and a list of others. The bottom line is this, Cary got burned by “that guy” and Pierre Garcon. Not only that but he got burned in the Jacksonville game too. If he wants to be a cry baby, let him go. I personally want to see Nolan Carroll anyway. We absolutely need to have more of a pass rush moving forward. A few hits on Cousins might have enabled some more short fields for us, which might have led to more points, but that’s a different story. All in all, this was a true team win. This is truly the most unified team in recent memory. This team symbolizes what Philadelphia is all about, hard work. See you Sunday in San Francisco or Santa Clara to be exact. Fly Eagles Fly!



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