Tight End’s are the Key to a Good Offense


Jeremy Goodman

The importance of TE’s is underestimated in this league. TE’s go under looked because they are so versatile. They are used for blocking and then they are expected if no need for a block to just be able to go into the middle of the feed or go on a fade route and catch the tough ball against the crushing linebacker core. What is very interesting, is when you take away an offensive line, you are taking away your TE’s. For this reason. By weakening your offensive line by either injury and/or experience that will lead to more play calls for TE’s to be involved in blocking schemes rather than play calls where they great size and humongous strength can be utilized. When you take away your TE’s you lose that threat and when you lose that threat you lose some offense. You see this in a majority in the red zone plays when you need that big man to catch the ball and you don’t have the component wide receiver to do it. But you can’t let your TE out into the end zone because that will lead your QB out to die.

The reason why I am talking about this is because this is exactly what is happening with the Philadelphia Eagles. With the injuries to Evan Mathis and Jason Kelce, Brent Celek has been pushed to the offensive line and has not seen as much as the other TE’s as they are kept to the sideline for backup use in case we need more blockage. But by doing that we are not allowing Zach Ertz to become the great middle of the field threat that we all know he can become!


Jason Kelce is predicted to come back this week. If he does that that will be quite huge as that will allow for Celek to not just be this blocking TE. Some may question this because Herremans has partial torn biceps and that will lead to Celek or another TE having to help him more. But the Texans are foolish so they will have JJ Watt lineup against Kelce (if he starts) to try to re-injure him. But Chip will be the genius that he is and see this and call plays that will have a TE audible slot, because the Texans linebacking core is HORRIFIC! The only reason you should be scared of the Texans is the Defensive Line, but you won’t be scared anymore if Kelce starts! If Kelce starts expect a huge day for the TE’s as there will be no need to block for Foles as the offensive line will be invincible.


Arizona Cardinals Pull Ahead Late In 24-20 Defeat of Philadelphia Eagles


Addison Hunsicker

The Eagles gave away a game they had control of late, losing 24-20 to the Arizona Cardinals in the battle of the 5-1 teams. Costly turnovers and the inability to finish drives in the Red Zone dropped the Eagles to 5-2 on Sunday. Philadelphia took the lead with less than two minutes remaining, but could not keep the Cardinals out of the end zone, as Carson Palmer hooked up with John Brown on a 75 yard go-ahead touchdown pass to give the Cardinals the win.

Nick Foles connected with Jeremy Maclin on a screen pass, and Maclin took that screen pass 21 yards for the first touchdown in the afternoon’s contest, putting the Eagles up early 7-0.  Arizona fired back on their next offensive possession, as Carson Palmer led the Cardinals on a 13 play, 80 yard drive, ending with an Andre Ellington one yard touchdown run. Despite the Eagles finding themselves in the Red Zone on back-to-back drives following Arizona’s touchdown, Philly was unable to come away with any points on the two trips. A Josh Huff fumble and Nick Foles interception left the game tied at seven all when the Eagles had the chance to go ahead big. The battle between the 5-1 teams was tied heading into the half, with defense being the story early.

Scoring would start to pick up right as the second half began, as Carson Palmer threw a short slant to Larry Fitzgerald, who took the five yard reception 80 yards for a Cardinals’ touchdown. Philadelphia would take the lead later in the third after a Cody Parkey 54 yard field goal cut the deficit to four, followed by a Nick Foles 54 yard touchdown pass to Jeremy Maclin, giving the Eagles a 17-14 edge heading into the fourth quarter.

Chandler Catanzaro nailed a 28 yard field goal for Arizona to tie the ball game back up. The Eagles would then go on a 13 play, 78 yard drive that chewed up seven minutes and five seconds off of the clock, but only came away with a field goal. Philadelphia had the ball at the two yard line, failing to score on a LeSean McCoy run, leaving Chip Kelly no choice but to take the points and the lead. With less than two minutes remaining on the game clock, the Eagles had Arizona with a third down conversion on their own 25 yard line, and then Nate Allen and Cary Williams happened. Carson Palmer dropped back and fired a 75 yard touchdown pass to John Brown, right over the heads of Nate Allen and Cary Williams. The Cardinal defense held their ground on the Eagles’ last offensive possession, to hold onto the 24-20 win.

Game Notes:

  • Eagles ran the ball effectively against the league’s best rush defense, which is a good sign for the remainder of the season
  • Back foot throws are killing Nick Foles this season – Every time he throws an interception, the ball comes off of his back foot
  • Chip Kelly has to find a way to get his offense in the end zone when they are inside the five yard line – Shotgun run plays with short distances remaining do not work
  • Eagles missed too many opportunities with the Red Zone turnovers today – Had the chance to put the game away early, but failed to do so
  • The Eagles front seven played great, however, the secondary continues to hold Philly back – No excuse to allow John Brown to catch that pass and run it 75 yards for the touchdown at the end of the game
  • Jeremy Maclin gets a lot of heat, but he has been nothing short of excellent this season
  • In the end, 5-2 is 5-2 – Eagles still in great shape to make the playoffs

Next week the Eagles travel to Houston to take on the Texans.

Image Source: Ross D. Franklin/AP

Birds Make Emphatic Statement in Blowout win versus rival Giants

Jonathan Benton

Well for the fans (myself included) who were looking for a complete 60 minute performance from our beloved Eagles, got their wish, in dominating fashion. The birds truly blacked out the rival Giants, by leaving a giant goose egg in the scoring column, which hasn’t been done since 1996, with a score of 27-0. The all black uniforms did justice as this was a “Giant funeral.” LeSean McCoy seemed to return to form with a 22 carry, 149 yard performance. The offensive line, for the time being, seems to have figured things out, giving McCoy the gaps and seals necessary to make the electrifying runs that we’ve been accustomed to. Not only did McCoy get the lanes to run through, but Nick Foles was rarely under pressure throughout the night. Foles threw two absolutely beautiful passes to Zach Ertz and James Casey respectively for touchdowns early. Darren Sproles also ran for a touchdown in the 3rd quarter.

The defense looks as though they are finally clicking on all cylinders, sacking Eli Manning 6 times with LB Connor Barwin gathering 3 of them, Vinny Curry 2 sacks, and Trent Cole 1. It’s also worth mentioning that Brandon Graham and Brandon Bair sacked Giants backup quarterback Ryan Nassib, 1 time a piece. The much-maligned LB Casey Matthews has actually been playing up to potential in the absence of Mychal Kendricks. Fans didn’t get the chance to critique the defensive back duo of Bradley Fletcher and Cary Williams much because Eli Manning spent most of the night under duress or on his back. Not to mention LB DeMeco Ryans’ gutsy performance after the injury to his groin against St. Louis. It was initially said that he was doubtful to play or wouldn’t play. He played and was a part of an absolutely relentless defensive performance.

You can’t have the good without the bad right? Although there was not much bad to come out of this victory, one major catastrophe was avoided in the news of the injury to RB Darren Sproles. In a play late in the game, where Sproles was met with a plethora of defenders, Sproles went down awkwardly on his left knee, which looked like it truly could have been the dreaded ACL tear. It indeed was not, when he was diagnosed as having a sprain of his MCL (far less of a worry), and he would only be out 1- 2 weeks. Thankfully we have a bye this week, and there’s a good chance he may be ready to go versus Arizona after the bye. Let’s get back to the game shall we? Nick Foles on top of throwing 2 TD’s also threw 2 really bad interceptions. One was to Antrel Rolle, which looked like yet another bad read while he was going through his progressions. The second interception was a bad throw off of his back foot, which Nick has seemed to be prone to doing this year. Those two mishaps clouded an otherwise near flawless night.

With performances like this, the Eagles will cement themselves in the discussion for best team in the NFL. To most, they already are. It seems to be a week to week thing when it comes to this topic and the birds being mentioned in the same sentence. The Eagles are the best team in the NFL. For a team that has; under achieved thus far on offense and defense, excelled in special teams, played through injury, and is still 5-1 not even at full strength? How are we not constantly mentioned in this discussion? The scary thing is what I just mentioned; we’re not at full strength. We stand to get a motivated Jason Kelce and Evan Mathis back around week 10, and we should get Kendricks back week 8 at Arizona. Mark my words, before the end of the year; it won’t be a question as to who the best team is. Enjoy the bye week. See you in Arizona next week. Fly Eagles Fly!

Eagles vs. Giants Blackout

Ant Pineiro

Where do I even begin? What a complete and utter ass whooping by our Birdz. Theres literally nothing better to nibble on then some Giant tears. Having a rival talk shit all week then get their shit pushed in is so satisfying, like a fine wine or getting home and instantly taking your bra off, just magical feelings.


Mmmmm tears




Even our Eagles relished in the moment





Its ok DRC, maybe next time you can make it through the whole game without getting injured/too butthurt to play. Talk shit get hit pussy



Eli was getting his shit handed to him all day and I was loving it, Connor Barwin lead the team with 3 sacks, and the entire defense had 8. What a day. Shutting out another team in the NFL is pretty impressive these days, I love that this completely average defense did it to these shit talking Giants



Then the New Jersey Giant writers tried to make the Eagles organization look like scumbags by posting shit like this.


Obviously he cheered, I fucking cheered. The Giants just turned the ball over on downs! This was literally a split second after he dropped it, obviously he didn’t realize the situation you fucking idiot writer. Oh and I guess he forgot to post this picture as well.


Scumbags in Philly huh?

Sorry Eli, maybe next time you can put some points on the board


But the biggest WTF moment from yesterday was this



You seriously cant write this shit. How do you steal from a man with a Ridin Dirty Jersey?



But apparently she gave a him a lap dance in exchange for it? Fair trade if you ask me.

Crazy shit. Blackout was a huge success, well except for “Ridin Dirty”


Fuck the fucking Giants

Ant Pineiro

Ill just start out with some pictures Ive saved over the past week.


Conor Barwin being the nature boy he is


Great team shot for Sunday Night Football


I like this one a lot better though


Whoops how’d that get in there?


Now as a die hard Eagles fan and New Jersey Giant hater, you’d think this would really offend me right? Fuck no. DRC has won absolutely nothing in this league and is an absolute scrub. He actually thought about retiring from football after his team got fucking rocked by the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. He was a pussy when he played for the Eagles and theres no doubt in my mind he still is.  Prince Amukamara must be holding up the amount of women hes fucked since about last week. Yeah, he’s one of those don’t have sex until you’re married weirdos. But then again who am I to talk? Ive never even kissed a girl before.

If you’ve noticed a ton of Giants fans have been talking shit lately


JPP, might wanna check your math bud.

Former Eagles and Current Giant Cullen Jenkins said “I was raised if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all,”

AKA “Im a fucking pussy”

Honestly I think the Giants hate us so much because we spank them so often. I love the rivalry because kicking the shit out of someone so often is just an amazing feeling.



Sorry if this stings Giants fans, but its for your own good.





Sad Eli is my favorite Eli




Philadelphia Eagles Hold On To Beat Saint Louis Rams 34-28

Addison Hunsicker


The Philadelphia Eagles came very close to having an embarrassing loss against an inferior Rams team on Sunday. Nonetheless, Philadelphia prevailed once again, and defeated a horrid Rams team at home, 34-28. Chip Kelly’s offense struggled mightily to find a rhythm in their fifth straight game, as Nick Foles and LeSean McCoy were never able to fully hit stride in a game the Eagles were suppose to win handily. RedZone inefficiency continues to haunt the Eagles, with Cody Parkey’s leg bailing the Birds out in two of their three possessions inside the Rams’ twenty. Where the offense did not step up, the defense and special teams did, as Dave Fipp’s special teams and Bill Davis’s defense both scored touchdowns for the second straight week, propelling the Eagles ahead and giving them momentum when they needed it the most.

Chris Maragos kicked-off the scoring for the Eagles in week five after he scooped up a blocked Johnny Hekker punt 23 seconds into the game and scored yet another Philadelphia special teams touchdown to put the Eagles on top 7-0. Nick Foles and company moved the ball down the field on their first two possessions of the game, but to no avail as Cody Parkey connected on his two RedZone field goal attempts of the game, and the Eagles took a 13-0 lead into the second quarter. LeSean McCoy continued to look dreadful early in the first half. After catching a screen pass from Nick Foles, McCoy ran backwards for a loss of nine yards, fumbling the ball in the process. The Rams took over in the RedZone, where the Eagles’ defense stepped up, forcing an Austin Davis fumble following a Vinny Curry. However, issues with Nick Foles remained an occurrence after the Eagles obtained the ball, as the third-year quarterback in his second season as a starter threw a deep ball to the inside of Jeremy Maclin, which was picked off by E.J. Gaines.

Austin Davis would start to find his groove after the Gaines interception, driving the Rams’ offense down the field and finding Brian Quick in the endzone for the Rams first points on the afternoon, cutting the deficit to six. With less then four minutes remaining in the first half, Foles led the Eagles on what would be their first offensive touchdown of the game, as Riley Cooper caught a nine-yard fade from Foles, extending Philadelphia’s lead to 13. At the end of the first half, the Eagles were on top by a score of 20-7.

After punting to the Rams following a three-and-out offensively, Cedric Thornton picked up an Austin Davis fumble in the endzone for another Eagles’ touchdown, this time from the defense. Later in the third, Nick Foles hooked up with Jeremy Maclin for a 24-yard touchdown, and the Eagles were up 34-7; but that would be Philly’s last score of the contest. From the end of the third to the end of the game, it would be all Rams, and they almost pulled the comeback off. A Benjamin Cunningham run, along with catches from Kenny Britt and Brian Quick, cut the Rams deficit to only six with 4:41 left in the ball game, and that is where the comeback ended, as the Eagles held on, barely skating by the Rams 34-28.

Game Notes:

  • Chip Kelly continues to struggle holding big leads – He becomes tentative with his play-calling, which his offense is not designed for, allowing teams to get back into games late
  • LeSean McCoy was able to get it going on the ground in the second half – About time
  • Once again Darren Sproles came up big with the minimal touches he received
  • Eagles defense played average, getting the key stops and making the big plays when they needed to
  • Foles was decent – Played well enough to get the win, but must improve overall performance
  • Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher are awful – Brandon Boykin has to play more

The Philadelphia Eagles have yet to play a complete game as a team, yet they still sit at 4-1 and in first place in the NFC East. Next week, the New York Giants enter Lincoln Financial Field for Sunday Night Football.

Image Source: Evan Habeeb/Getty Images

Eagles vs. Rams 2014

Ant Pineiro

I guess a wins a win, I dont really feel great about it but Ill take it. Having Austin Davis, who was the third string quarterback at the beginning of the season, throw for 375 yards and 3 TDs is pretty demoralizing. Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher continue to be one of the worst cornerback duos in the league. Im so sick of them getting torched every week and having no worry that someone could take their job, fuck both of them. One of them needs to be benched for Brandon Boykin. If Tim Jennings in Chicago can be an outside corner, then switch to slot when necessary, so can Brandon.tumblr_inline_nd192pY6LJ1t0qp0o

Shady finally got, well something done on the ground. 81 yards is pretty average which is a huge step up from the dumpster fire hes been the past 2 weeks. The play where he juked backwards for about 14 seconds was just hard to watch. Then he fumbled on top of it, puke. Then he took himself out of the game in the 4th quarter with about 3:40 seconds left. No franchise runningback should ever do that.

Nick Foles once again looked completely average. He should have shredded the Rams defense, but looked ineffective. The fumble was just flat out embarrassing, it was like we were right back to our very sad Michael Vick days. Just flat out pathetic, learn to slide bro. Derek Jeter just retired, hire his ass to help you out.


Thats one way to look at it Chip