Eagles vs. Rams 2014

Ant Pineiro

I guess a wins a win, I dont really feel great about it but Ill take it. Having Austin Davis, who was the third string quarterback at the beginning of the season, throw for 375 yards and 3 TDs is pretty demoralizing. Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher continue to be one of the worst cornerback duos in the league. Im so sick of them getting torched every week and having no worry that someone could take their job, fuck both of them. One of them needs to be benched for Brandon Boykin. If Tim Jennings in Chicago can be an outside corner, then switch to slot when necessary, so can Brandon.tumblr_inline_nd192pY6LJ1t0qp0o

Shady finally got, well something done on the ground. 81 yards is pretty average which is a huge step up from the dumpster fire hes been the past 2 weeks. The play where he juked backwards for about 14 seconds was just hard to watch. Then he fumbled on top of it, puke. Then he took himself out of the game in the 4th quarter with about 3:40 seconds left. No franchise runningback should ever do that.

Nick Foles once again looked completely average. He should have shredded the Rams defense, but looked ineffective. The fumble was just flat out embarrassing, it was like we were right back to our very sad Michael Vick days. Just flat out pathetic, learn to slide bro. Derek Jeter just retired, hire his ass to help you out.


Thats one way to look at it Chip



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