Huff and Puff? Or Huff Enough?



The rookie wide receiver that the Eagles drafted in the 3rd round of the draft Josh Huff from Oregon has had an up and down year, and some would say that he has lost the Eagles games this year. I would frankly agree to that but should we let him go? I think Josh Huff can be gold to the Eagles in a couple years with time you see that the upside is there with his speed, short-area bursts not to mention an electric returner with great VISION like you will see on his returns finding the smallest holes. The links below will remind you of the explosive returns he has had this season and he is only a rookie. Josh Huff does hold the record for the longest return in franchise history on a kickoff

The flip side of the coin says that his ball handling is atrocious like on the opening kickoff to Dallas, and how he fumbled in the red zone in the heartbreaking loss against the Arizona Cardinals this season. He also failed to produce not getting off press man coverage against the 49ers. That was the concern for him coming out of college that since he was wide open so much in the Oregon Offense that you didn’t see him get pressed. He clearly struggled especially against the 49ers only having one catch on a screen pass. He has also showing signs of being injury prone as well.

Overall: The Eagles need to give this man a break his first year as he was injured as well, and I do believe he can be like a Dwayne Harris at least. His ball handling is atrocious and I believe that he did cost the Eagles games against the Cowboys and the Cardinals. But you cannot deny the upside with his Speed and Vision. However, if these fumbling problems persist…we all know the sound Philadelphia is famous for as he will be gone in no time.



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