Cox not rocking their Sox?



Hey guys another EagleSpeed article and I hope you guys have enjoyed these articles as much as I have had fun writing them.
The Pro Bowl Rosters were released this year and I want to first congratulate LeSean McCoy, Darren Sproles, Jason Peters, Connor Barwin, and lastly Jason Kelce for making the Pro Bowl this year! I hope our Eagles make some noise this year. It is truly an honor to be voted to play with some of the best players in the NFL.

However, many Eagle fans are asking how much of a snub is Fletcher Cox? I honestly believe that Fletcher Cox is one of the biggest snubs this year. This man had a breakout year the 6’4” 300 pound defensive end finished in the top 3 for most quarterback hurries for 3-4 defensive ends this year. Also not including the Giants game coming this Sunday Fletcher Coc currently has 4 sacks, 1 forced fumble, and 54 tackles and assists and top 3 in quarterback hurries. I will post a link of his stats to show you guys as well.
Also, nothing to take away from Connor Barwin as he had an outstanding year but a HUGE part of that was Fletcher Cox as he drew a lot of attention to block the big force he is. Please watch with the next link below on the progress report of Connor Barwin as you notice #91 always has multiple guys trying to block him and to show how Connor Barwin is a great Pro Bowl canidate.

Overall: The Pro Bowl is a popularity contest and a big name can get you votes from biased fans. My Pro Bowl votes were guys that are good that get no media attention. My first vote for Tight Ends for example was Travis Kelce because he is a great Tight End but doesn’t get the recognition. Hopefully this motivates Fletcher Cox to perform even better and to work harder because the fact he wasn’t in the Pro Bowl is a joke. Troy Aikman even said he should go to the Pro Bowl during the Thanksgiving game against the Cowboys



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