Chip Kelly’s offensive mindset must start including defense


The Eagles season ended on a sour note in 2013. After starting out the season 3-5, Philadelphia finished on a 7-1 run to finish out the season 10-6 behind the second ranked offense in the NFL per ESPN. The one thing that remained a problem, and it has been a reoccurring issue in Philly, was the adversity inside the defense. Head Coach, Chip Kelly, had an important offseason ahead of him last year. However, the offensive minded coach took a route that wasn’t easily foreseen.

He let DeSean Jackson go without anything in return. Then, he added Darren Sproles to the mix of things. In the draft, there were acquisitions such as Jordan Matthews and Josh Huff. All offense players. The biggest issue going into last years offseason was defense, and Kelly was too stubborn to fix the problem. Jarius Byrd and Darrelle Revis were free agents. Demarcus Ware was also a free agent at the time. Imagine having those players mixed with DeMeco Ryans, Connor Barwin, Mychal Kendricks, Fletcher Cox, and Malcom Jenkins. Our defense would’ve improved greatly, but sadly this can only be an imagination…

…The reality is, because of Kelly, Bradley Fletcher, Nate Allen, and Cary Williams were burned every game. Our secondary was atrocious. Thus, our season ended without making the postseason. FYI Chip; without a proper defense your team will not win; no matter how good you make your offense. They need to stop opposing offenses, as well. You can put up 30 points, but if your defense allows 31 points you will lose every time.

The question is whether or not Kelly would go after defense this offseason. Unlike last year, the Eagles offense did not come near the skill level they showed last season. The Eagles, in my opinion, need another wideout. One who can resemble DeSean Jackson. A wide receiver who can stretch the field, and can attract the opposing defenses full attention; thus leaving our other offensive weapons open.

Then there is the quarterback situation. Should the Eagles draft a QB? Marcus Mariota? Absolutely not!! Our QB’s right now are just fine. Mark Sanchez should stay as Philadelphia’s backup. He is a decent backup. However, I do not believe he’ll be here. So, we will be getting a QB somewhere along the line during this offseason. Then there is Nick Foles. A 14-4 QB, who played with a makeshift offensive line. He was constantly pressured and sacked, which resulted in a broken collarbone. He threw so much every game because LeSean McCoy was struggling during the beginning of the season. With that said, he lead the league in passing yards before he got hurt. However, when the line was at full health, McCoy woke up… now he’s going to the Pro Bowl. So, why all the hate for Foles? He had no healthy line, and if he did he would have had the same success as McCoy did in the later parts of the season.

Now, back to the defensive situation. Will Chip Kelly get defense? Well, does he have a choice? Anything but defense will aggravate all of Eagles Nation. There is no need to be arrogant, Chip. We need a secondary!! In free agency and the draft, defense is the number one priority. Anything else, and this offseason will be a waste like last year. Anything else but defense, next years season will have the same outcome as this past season.


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