A Chip off The Old Block


Hello guys another EagleSpeed article here, and this article will be talking about the rumors speculating around the Eagles willing to trade up for Marcus Mariota. I believe that it is for the best interest for the Eagles to keep Foles around as the Franchise quarterback. Well first before I get into that I want to explain why Marcus Mariota will be a bust in this league unless he goes to a team like Philadelphia or Miami perhaps.

To begin with, Marcus Mariota is a system quarterback, and very few teams come even close to what he does in College as far as scheme and plays. Which comes to my sense that if he gets drafted to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers I don’t think Lovie Smith will be pulling College tricks up his sleeve because Lovie Smith isn’t that kind of coach. However, if a team like Tampa wants to waste their pick on Mariota and draft what is needed for him in the future later then that is up to them. Also it only took me the 1st quarter to see that Mariota passes are erratic and his throwing mechanics and accuracy are actually pretty poor. He misses wide open guys in College and even some of the passes he does complete are high. I see Marcus Mariota as a humble, and a calm Colin Kaepernick.

Now to Nick Foles as he is the Franchise quarterback I believe. The chemistry he has with the entire locker room is fantastic as quoted by Jordan Matthews “Nick can lead us to a Superbowl”. Nick Foles has a 14-4 record as a starter behind this year a patchwork offensive line, and even a down year. In his career Nick has thrown 46 td’s and 17ints. That ratio is among the best in NFL history. Not to mention Nick Foles has an NFL arm and can complete those deep passes to Maclin. Mark Sanchez all we would see from him would be these short crossing routes and screen passes. If you look at the touchdown before halftime vs the redskins the 1st time around that is a throw that Brady wouldn’t make. Which brings me to my next point. Foles is a warrior quoted by David Molk “After I saw Nick take that hit, and for him to lead us to a win? He is number 1 in my book”
Lastly, the cost to trade up for Mariota would be too much like remember when the Redskins traded 3 1st round picks and 2 second rounders for RG3? That was to move up 4 spots in the draft think about moving up 19 spots…that is something I don’t want to happen as I believe the Eagles have the worst Cornerback situation and that is the Primary problem. Nick Foles is the starter for the next 1,000 years.


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