Our Mission as a team is:

To give you score, news, trades, acquisitions, standing updates and so much more; so you can be connected to your team just a little bit more. We will bring you the latest information about all five of the major sports teams in Philadelphia. We hope to grow as a website and as an organization with your support! As long as there are people who care about this site and the teams, then we will keep covering the city that we all love!

The Team:

Jeremy Goodman: Co-Owner; Covers all 5 Teams & Writer

Patrick Mulranen: Co-Owner; Covers all 5 Teams & Writer

Sean Childers; FB Admin (Flyers)

Amanderr Price; Writer; Follow @amanderr11

Addison Hunsicker; Writer; Follow @AddHunsicker11  @sportstalk_AD

EagleSpeed; FB Admin (Eagles)

Posty; FB Admin (Covers all 5 teams); Writer  (Covers all 5 teams); Follow @jmp22426

Bill Kelso; Writer (Eagles); Follow @BillyKelso

Anthony Short; FB Admin (Flyers)

Philly Sports Talk 101 Admin Rules:

  1. GAME UPDATES – All game updates will be updated on the page by the respective admin ONLY. All games should be updated between intermissions and quarters, no mid-period updates. Check the corresponding schedule to know when you are responsible for your game.
  2. Grammar / Spelling – ALL post must have correct grammar and spelling. No excessive periods, emoticons or anything else that will make the page look unprofessional.
  3. Signatures – Signatures are to be used, as we want to each fan to know which admin is contributing and what their view is.
    1. Example:
      1. The Flyers will win tonight by a score of 4-3 against the New Jersey Devils. Goals by B. Schenn, Simmonds, Giroux & Streit.

– Admin’s signature

  1. No Cursing – It’s common sense!
    1. You are allowed to use crap, damn, and ass.
    2. If you have any questions of concern contact Pat or Jeremy
  2. No Arguing With Fans in a Rude Manner – It will not benefit anyone.
  3. No Plagiarizing – Stealing content including pictures, text, and whatever else is prohibited.
    1. Make sure you give credit to where credit is due
  4. Bland Posts – These types of post are prohibited. Post something that fans would love to read, and provide sources along with pictures if possible. Make it stand out and catch their eye. No post should consist of only one sentence. Make it look good and worth reading.
  5. Do not be biased

Objective: These rules have been set to make Philly Sports Talk 101 more organized, professional, and more successful. We want a growing community of people who share the same interests and it can’t be done with admins who don’t care. It will make everything on the page a lot simpler if these guidelines are followed and not broken.

Disciplinary Actions: If any of these rules are broken out of pure ignorance or lack of care then you will be removed from the team.

Questions: If you have any questions, you should ask them on the Philly Sports Talk 101 Admin Group, or you can message Jeremy &/or Pat directly.

Application for Philly Sports Talk 101:
We here at Philly Sports Talk 101 are looking for dedicated Philly Sports Fans to become admins for this amazing page. If you’re a die-hard Eagles, Flyers, 76ers, Phillies, Union, or fan of any Philadelphia Sports team, we need you to message the page. Once you message the page, one or both of the Owners will interview you.
The said applicant would have to meet a certain amount of requirements, other then being a fan:
1. You MUST be able to post at least three times a day.
2. You will be required to cover different games.
3. If you can write articles for the website that would be quite helpful, but not necessary.
4. We would prefer an admin to be older than 18, but anyone of any age can still apply to apply.
5. You will be on a trial basis.
a. You will be assigned a few games to cover, and how much you post and what you post will play in as a factor to determine if you are fit for an admin spot.
We ask for you to message the page or email us at PhillySportsTalk101@gmail.com, and an interview will be scheduled.

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